Real People. Real Results.

45 tough minutes to help you effectively change your body and burn fat! Get together with others in a supportive and exciting class that's effective and never boring. If you're looking for a workout that's enjoyable and will burn calories, this is the class for you. Whether you've been to the gym and aren't seeing results, or are ready to start a new routine, Jeff's Boot Camp is the answer.

Each class is condensed into a 45 minute session consisting of a proper warm up, multiple strength circuits, and finishes with a group conditioning routine. Equipment required is simply a moderate set of dumbells (or something similar), some open space, and sometimes a chair or bench.

There's a strong focus on building strength througout the body, and preventing injuries. Too many people get in a great groove with a program, only to have that gimpy knee rear its ugly head and some lower back pain force you to the sideline. Gaining strength through the core and hips can be paramount to preventing these troubles.