Let's Get Personal

Every program starts with an assessment. For everyone, it begins with the Functional Movement Screen, a movement-based assessment that allows me to better-understand every client's body and movement patterns within just 15 minutes. We were not created equal. Some folks can twist like pretzels and others can't. Some folks are built like a brick house, others not-so-much. Looking at one's mobility and stability is the best way to lay the foundation for a proper program.

The next step is to assess goals. As I learned from master trainer Eric D'Agati early in my career, people train for three reasons. To LOOK better. To FEEL better. Or to PERFORM better, so which one are you? If you want to LOOK better, we're gonna measure you every way we can. Body fat, weight, waistline, hips, and all. If you want to FEEL better, we need to assess your movements and deduce why there's pain. And if you want to PERFORM better, we're gonna measure your athletic ability on as many platforms as possible, including speed, leaping, and agility tests, all dependant on your sport.

From there, we create independent goal(s), and a focused plan to achieve them based off many factors:

  • How many days per week can you commit to a workout?
  • How much time do you have for each workout?
  • How much time do you have to achieve your goal?
  • and more...

If you need me, I am there for sessions, if you're independant and simply need a plan to follow, then we'll map out your plan and check in regularly to assess progress. Bottom line is to assess your goals, create a plan to get you there, and then make it all happen.